Tel-Tru Brewing Thermometers

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A few degrees separate a good beer
from a great beer.

We understand how much you invest into creating the perfect brew. We also know that temperature is critical to achieving it. That’s why we manufacture high-accuracy industrial-grade brewing thermometers for the beer industry.

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The instruments you use are as important as the ingredients.

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Temperature Instruments —
Your 5th Beer Ingredient

Precise temperature measurement is critical in the brewing process; we all know that a few degrees can separate a good brew from a great one. That is why we consider your temperature instruments one more ingredient needed for your best brew.

For generations, Tel-Tru has been manufacturing a complete line of rugged, accurate, and dependable temperature instruments, in more configurations than any other manufacturer. We’re confident that we can offer you the temperature (and pressure) device you need for nearly every process of the beer brewing cycle.

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Brewing Processes and
Instruments Used

Industrial-grade beer brewing thermometers and pressure gauges are available for brewers of any size.



Brewmaster, Genesee Brewhouse, Rochester, NY

“I trust Tel-Tru thermometers for every critical step in my brewing process because they are precise, accurate and reliable.”

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